Make more money, live a better lifestyle and break all your subconscious barriers!

Marshall Sylver is a leading business hypnotist and consultant, sought after by renowned Fortune 500 companies. He is also the man behind the most effective personal development program in the world, today. From subconscious reprogramming to helping you create irresistible influence, Marshall Sylver is an expert!

Marshall Sylver Welcomes You!

Partner with the company that has changed lives over a course of three decades, and counting. CEO at Prosperity Alliance, recognized hypnotist and a leader in interpersonal communication, Marshall Sylver has been mastering the art of breaking subconscious barriers at a very young age.

He uses his unparalleled experience and knowledge to create personal development programs customized for effectiveness, and recognized around the globe.

“Just an amazing experience”

Just an amazing experience and looking forward to more Marshall Sylver seminars/events! Loved the fire eating – wow! Thank you! AMAZING!”

Julie Lahr « Turning Point Attendee